Monday, February 27, 2012

is this real life?

Sometimes life punches you in the face and sits on top of you for a while.

Other times, life surprises you by being pretty darn awesome!

A few weeks ago, Janessa told me about an open house being given by Salus University (the PA school in Philadelphia that she was recently accepted to) and how she heard that they're going to start an occupational therapy program soon. I've been planning on going to grad school at the U for years though, so I was a little close-minded about other schools.

So I went to this open house, and stayed after to talk with some of the directors. Mostly I talked with Dr. Di Stefano, the vice president of student affairs. He gave me his card and told me to email him for more information, but after we had talked for a while he handed me another card and had me write down my name and email address so that he could make sure I got the information I needed. I emailed him a few days later and he said that he remembered me and told me that he'd been very impressed with me! He asked me to email him my resume, which he said he'd share with the director of the OT program, Dr. Gillard. 


I hadn't heard anything from them in two weeks, so I was planning on emailing Dr. Gillard myself to let them know I was serious about their program. Thursday afternoon I got an email from her saying she'd seen my resume and was very impressed and that she would stay in touch with me and personally inform me when more information about their program was available! I emailed her this morning, letting her know I'd received her email, thanked her for looking at my resume, and told her I was excited to talk with her more. 



She  gave me her phone number!!


She told me to call her ANY TIME!


the  prerequisites to get into Salus are MUCH less intense than the U (read: no more math classes! No physics!) so I will be graduating this December instead of next April! 

Sometimes life is good :) 


hairyshoefairy said...

Woohoo! That's such great news! I hope it all goes as smoothly as that!

Brooklyn said...

Hey remember how I was 2 years ahead of you in school and then somehow you blew right past one of those years and will graduate only one year after me? Nice work, my friend.