Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh brother

Don't I have the most handsome little brothers?
I agree


Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm done with the fall semester and I couldn't be happier! Going to school year round is really starting to drain the life out of me. I did get all A's this semester with the exception of a B in anatomy and physiology, but for someone who's been taking finger painting and nap-taking classes for the last three years of college, I count this among my successes (don't take it away from me, I don't have that many). 

So I'm home(ish) in Logan with the apartment all to myself while Mom and Phil spend a few days in Park City (to be joined by the rest of us on Wednesday). 
I thought this alone time would be good to unwind from the last week of 4-hour-long nights of sleep and the last three months of living with five other girls...
but today was just a big gigantic fail. 

1. I fail at watering the Christmas tree
First of all, we have a real tree for the first time in my life (that I can remember, which is the important thing). When mom talked to me about it--while I was still in Rexburg--she sounded completely in love with this tree. 
"You need to water it every morning at 9:03 sharp with one of those big plastic glasses full of 3/4 water and the rest orange pedialyte with some vitamin D and omega 3's mixes in or he gets kind of fussy. You must also sing. "Oh Christmas Tree" is his favorite."
At least I think that's what she said. 
Anyway, I shimmied under the tree my first morning here and started dumping water in the base, but the water level reached the top and hasn't gone down since, so I'm thinking I put the water in the wrong place, and I'm too scared to call my mom and ask what I did wrong. 

2. I fail at being productive
 There was absolutely no chance of going Christmas shopping in Rexburg, a) because it was finals time and I was too busy, and b) because...come on. It's rexburg. Where would I get Christmas presents? CAL ranch? The Walmart? Family Dollar? So I made up a list of everything I needed to buy/make and planned to get it all done before I left for Park City. So, today and tomorrow. Did I get anything done today? Why no, no I did not. Tomorrow is going to be greaaaaat.

3. I fail at something reeeeeaaallly embarrassing
So...those of you who know me well, know what kind of hair I have. Tons. Tons of super frizzy, high maintenance hair. For the most part, I've learned to manage it.
My hair does wonderful in Boise, it blows dry in about 5 minute's work with a round brush and I don't even have to straighten it and it's silky and shiny and soft.
Rexburg is slightly worse, it takes a while, but blowing it dry and straightening it usually does the trick.
Logan, Utah hates my hair. Or my hair hates Logan. Take your pick. 
It takes EONS to blow dry and an equally long, boring time to straighten, after which I still resemble Medusa's slightly better looking, slightly snake-less sister. 
This morning I mustered up the productivity to take a shower, and upon blowing my hair dry, I realize that it feels really weird. 
The conclusion that I've come to is that
a) My hair is rebelling against being in Logan
b) I didn't wash all of the conditioner out. 
So either way...I failed at washing my hair. This should be a basic functioning skill for a 21-year-old college senior, right?

And I thought I'd made so much progress folding that fitted sheet on Saturday...