Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An update on my life =]

Well let's see...what's been up with me lately? I've taken a big long fatty break from work and have spent the last few weeks (and weeks to come) traipsing about the world. And by world I mean Utah and Idaho. Plus Warshington. I went to my dad's in Boise for my birthday, then to Lagoon with my uncle Pat, aunt Karen, their kids Hunter and Meggie (she's 5 and my new best friend!), and of course laurie, the boys, and my dear old pappy. Then it was on to Logan for a few days, then up to Sexy Rexy. I was stressed out of my mind with Brian and Juli's wedding video, had to remake it twice, but with about an hour of their luncheon left, finally finished it. People seemed to like it and even wanted copies, so hopefully that'll be good advertising and I can start to get my name out and get more customers! The wedding was so much fun! Brian and Juli were so happy and cute together- it was precious :) Lunch in Idaho Falls afterwards was fun and delicious after it was stressful (for me, i mean).  Bri's best man helped him sing a song to Juli, and I discovered that I am in love with the best man. Haha okay so dramatic? Yep, but he had the best voice I've ever heard! I was in awe and I hope he sings at the CDA reception. We stayed at Phil's cousin Vickie and Wayne's house, I made some more best friends (of the 5 and 6 year old variety- I'm good at that) named Sky (6) and Jace (5) and I can't wait to go to college there and know that I have good family that will love me and be there for me when I get homesick. So now I'm home for the next two days and then I'm off to see Brooklyn in Provo! Caley is going to be there and I'm SO SO excited because I haven't seen her for maybe...two years? Yeah, so with the three of us together again...I can't even imagine the mischief we will get in to, but I can't wait. THEN after THAT (aka the day I get home) I'm off to the Perkes Plus reunion in Pend Orielle. And then I will be home and with my nose back to the grind stone as I work and save for college in january!