Saturday, April 25, 2009

Week 15

Well, I just finished my first week of my second semester of college. Since semesters are 14 weeks long, with only a week "spring break" in between, one of my teachers fondly refers to this first week of school as "week 15". Aka...a long time to be in college. 
But this first week has been...interesting. I'm taking a LOT of credits. Mondays are the worst--FIVE CLASSES! I took six classes total last semester! Thew worst part is that each one gets progressively farther apart, on opposite sides of campus, and I only have 15 minutes between each one. Hmm...classes continuously from nine to three? Sound a little like...high school to anyone else? But every other day is fun:) Monday, wednesday, and friday I'm taking a modern dance class which is totally kicking my butt but I LOVE it. And on tuesday and thursday I'm taking LATIN DANCE!  Which is totally my favorite class this semester! We're only doing two dances this semester, the Cha Cha and the Rumba, which is a lot nicer than in social dance where you do four dances and don't really have time to work on technique. And BOY do I need to work on technique!! I'm not so good at moving my hips, so that's something I'm really focusing on right now. I'm hoping (and praying) that eventually I'll be good enough to be on the collegiate dance team or (if I feel like aiming ridiculously high) dance alliance. I've decided that dancing is all about being uncomfortable. In modern dance I have to wear a leotard, which I have fondly dubbed my "torture device", and the other day I got fitted for my latin shoes, which have to be a size and a half too small so that a) they are tight enough that my feet don't slip even a little bit, and b) when they stretch, they are still tight enough. 
So...yeah! That's pretty much a summary of my first week of round two!