Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One good thing about Mondays

I usually hate Mondays. But lately I've found a reason to be really really happy on this otherwise lametastic day.
Two missionaries, to be exact.
The first is Bryant Baird, serving in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He's spent his first month in the MTC waiting for his visa, but hopefully it will bet there soon and he will be on his way. Bryant is a champ and I really enjoy reading his letters. He was awesome before he left but I can already see such growth when I read his emails.
The second is Ethan Griswold, serving in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Ethan is...amazing. He's been out less than a year and has already opened a million new areas. He's inspiring and amazing and my favorite part of almost every week is reading his email. I sure do miss him a lot though. He left for BYU about four months before I left for BYUI and we got really close before he left. He's just an awesome guy. I can't believe he's almost on the downhill slope!

Bryant, me and Ethan in 2008: