Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ugh. I think I just had the worst experience of my entire life: registering for classes. BARF! Because I have no credits, I had to wait for the VERY last day to register! So not only are most all of the classes I want to take GONE, the few that are left are at extremely unGodly hours of the morning and night. So the class I was most nervous about getting into (Child210. It's about childhood development and the ONLY such class I could take this semester since everything else was either full or had prerequisites) had 2 classes left: one that I wanted and one that I didn't. And the one that I wanted had ONE seat left in it. So I sat at my computer with my cursor and finger poised to spring into action, when, with three minutes to go, the last seat was taken. SO I ended up with a class that doesn't get out until 6:15 on tuesdays and thursdays. Joy. Then BYU is making me take some stupid intro to college class (which will probably be a good thing but right now I just want to be grumpy about this whole situation) PLUS I get no electives. ALL the dance, sign language, and cooking classes were filled up. Oh the joys of being a freshman again! So for all you who were dying to know, here is my schedule
M-W-F: math108 9:00-10:00 RKS 215
        eng101 12:45-1:45 SMI 330
T-TH: fdrel121 9:00-10:00 HIN 257
            CollSucc 12:45-1:45 MCK 294
            Child210 4:45-6:15 CLK 317

And that is my schedule that I absolutely hate. I hated registering for it too and I'm super glad I don't have to do that again until april! I don't ever want to do it again!