Monday, March 21, 2011

of websites and watermarks

I have awesome friends. 

About a month ago, my friend Mark texted me and told me to come over, that he had a surprise for me. So I made my way over to his apartment, and what do you think the surprise was?

People, this boy had MADE.ME.A.WEBSITE!!
A few days prior to this, he had helped me backup my computer to an external hard drive, and nabbed some of my pictures while he was at it. Also, I had been talking with him about how much I would like a watermark for my photography--BOY MADE ME A WATERMARK TOO! Now this watermark is a little big and a little block-y for my taste, but it's smart to have it so big, so no one can steal my photos and crop the mark out, taking credit for themselves. But can you believe that? The website even has it's own functional email address AND phone number that, when called, connects to my phone! 
It's amazing and I love it :)

You can check out the website by clicking HERE!! (It's hasn't been updated in a while and only has a few pictures on it, but there will be more soon!)

second, I was texting my friend Robbie a few days ago and asked him to make me a water mark, so after asking some questions on specifics, he emailed me a mark that is perfectly me :) and I know there is an unfortunate lens flare ruining this otherwise cool picture, but there you have it. A watermark of my very own :) Which I need to learn to resize, because it's minuscule in this picture, but you get the general idea


Thursday, March 17, 2011

today in class

In my photography class, we have an assignment due every week. For each one, everyone in the class uploads their photos to the same flickr (a photo sharing website) account and then we scroll through and look at/analyze/critique them.
All semester it's been my goal to have Brother Wheeler (my teacher, duh) pull one of my pictures up...
and it was everything I dreamed it would be :)
The assignment was subject exploration, so we had to take a lot of pictures of the same subject. I took mine at Grandma Star's funeral.
One guy even said, of the faraway picture, that he thought it was one of the best of the whole group this week!
It's times like that that remind me why I love photography so much. I can't even explain that feeling!

Here are the pictures I turned in



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a miracle of film

I know I've talked a few times before about how I have my grandpa's camera from the Korean War.It looks kind of like this. This doesn't give a good idea of what it looks like, but picture...oldness. Leather bellows and a fold out lens and manual settings.
Without getting too technical, this is a really hard camera to use. Cameras now-a-days will tell you what settings to put your camera on, and when you look through the viewfinder, it will pretty much show you what the picture is going to look like. With this camera, it's kind of guess and check. The first roll of film I developed from it was useless.

At grandpa's funeral, I took a few pictures with this camera. When I went to the darkroom to develop them last night, I had no reason to believe they would actually turn out. In the pitch black of the darkroom, I prayed and prayed and prayed that there would be at least one image I could use. Developing the film, my hands shook and I got chemicals everywhere, and still I prayed that when I pulled out that roll of negatives, there would be SOMETHING I could use. Just one image, that would be enough for me. Against all odds, I had nine usable pictures! Two I had accidentally double exposed (one looked good, the other made me upset because I ruined a picture I had really wanted to use.)

I don't have time to explain more, i'm going to be late for class, but I have more to explain. If you check back later, I will make this post a little smoother and explain some things about the pictures. But for now, realize that every one of these pictures I took with a camera made in 1948 is a miracle :)






This one was double exposed but I think it turned out really cool :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

funerals: a sneek peak

Aunt Lori's funeral last fall. Grandpa's funeral last Wednesday. Grandma's funeral last Saturday.

Too many funerals. I'm editing all the pictures now and I'm sad. 
I miss my papa.


Friday, March 11, 2011

oh brother

Heath and I just had this conversation:

Heath: Hey Hailee, do you know what rum is?
Me: ...alchohol...
Heath: Wrong! It's liquor!
Me: Same thing, Heath.
Him: Well how do you know?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,
 I love you more than I can ever say, and I wish I had said it more often.

I remember being little and thinking you were the tallest man in the world. Even after diabetes took both of your legs, that didn't change. 

I remember that summer Jeremy and I stayed with you and Grandma in Garden Valley for a week and you taught us how to shoot a gun, even though I was only 7 or 8. I remember how you got tired of us asking, "are we there yet?" on the way home so you taught us about mile markers and we counted every single one between Garden Valley and Spokane. I'm not sure which was more annoying.

I remember having imaginary tea parties with Grandma and begging you to join us. And you would. But you didn't want "any damn tea" so you would make us give you "beer" with your crumpets. I still have that tea set and when I see it I think of Grandma, but I also think of you. Every time. 

I remember when we would play cards, when I was younger you got impatient that I couldn't shuffle when it was my turn, so you would do it for me. Before one family reunion I spent hours learning how to shuffle. When it came my turn, I practically shoved the deck of cards in your face but you still didn't notice. Until mom told you that I had learned to shuffle for you and you gave me the biggest smile. I'll never forget that smile, Grandpa. I'm sorry that sometimes I got annoyed that for the last few years all you could play was knock. I'd give anything to have another game of knock with you Papa.

You taught me how to drive a four wheeler.

I remember threats of being "thumped" if we weren't quiet, and of getting a shot of insulin if we watched you get yours, so we would peek around the corners at night and run away screaming and giggling once you caught us.

I remember the summer I was 19, you decided it was unacceptable for someone that old to have never seen Titanic. I think the nude part scarred me forever, but I am grateful for the time we spent together, regardless. 

And oh, those Christmases together! The time we had to barbecue the turkey because the power went out. The time we got snowed in and you had to snowblow off the roof.

I'll cherish every picture of us together, Grandpa. Forever.

I have the camera you used during the Korean war, and I'm learning how to use it. Your initials are carved into the bottom of the case. That will always be one of my dearest treasures. 

I'm glad you're not sick or in pain any more, but I miss you so much! I love you, Papa. I'm glad I got to see you one last time and to say goodbye, but I wish I hadn't had to. I can't wait to be with you again one day. 

Love, Hailee


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the end of a one sided love affair

Remember how I occasionally write a post GUSHING about how in LOVE with Rebekah Westover I am, and how it breaks my heart that I will probably never be able to afford her shooting my wedding?
I still feel this way.
I have some news.
There are some new photographers in my heart.
Check them out and you will love them too. 
They shoot all in film and their style and aesthetic is really similar, but unique to their individual personalities. I seriously can't get enough of either of them. Jonathan teaches workshops called Film Is Not Dead and it's my DREAM to go to one!
a $2000 dream :\
But they still inspire me! 
I'm learning to be better with film!
The darkroom is one of the most tranquil places I could ever imagine. I love just putting my ipod in, listening to some chill tunes, and creating.
Plus it's like a whole roll of Christmas presents with every roll!
I mean, who doesn't love Christmas?

So Rebekah...don't think I love you any less...
I just had to scootch you over a little inside my heart.
That's all.