Monday, March 30, 2009

Mommy wow! I'm a big kid now!

I realize that I am not a profound or witty blog writer. I don’t blog so that others can see my talent with words or marvel at the wit of my posts. Just thought I would start out with that disclaimer. =]

 Anyways, something happened recently that...well, it made me think. Um…yeah. Here’s what happened:


In our ward there are three different sunday school classes to chose from. Last Sunday (the22nd) as my roommates and I were walking down the hallway where all three class rooms are located, we walked past one of the other classes and one of our guy friends, Adam, tried to get us to go into the room across the hall. A small spasm of terror shot down my spine as I quickly skirted to the other side of the hallway. 

"No," I quickly explained, "We always go to Brett's class."

This had nothing to do with the other teacher. In fact I don't even know who teaches the other classes, but like I told Adam-- we always go to Brett's class. He's a great teacher and...well, that's just...where we go. It would make no sense to go to another sunday school class! So. We walk in to our normal classroom and I go to sit down on the right side of the room where we always sit. But no. For some odd reason that I can’t even begin to fathom, our normal spot is suddenly not good enough. As my family (aka my roommates) begins to file into the seats on the left, I voice my concern: why left? We always go right! My distress is dismissed and I am forced to sit in a strange, unusual spot. Not that the new spot made the lesson any different: it was still a great lesson and I still felt the spirit. But why on earth did we have to sit in a different spot? I didn’t understand and it kind of made me grumpy for the rest of the day.


But as I was writing in my journal that night and reflecting on why I was in such a bad mood, I started reflecting on things that have happened/ ways I feel I have grown and matured in the last year and this is the list that I came up with:


·      I’ve learned that a big white truck is not the same as a white horse and just because a boy drives one doesn’t make him a knight in shining armor

·      I left home. I do my own laundry. I cook for myself. I motivate myself to do my homework. I’ve learned that I am a grown, independent woman and there is lot I can do on my own, without holding my mom’s hand

·      I’ve learned how to keep the spirit of love in my apartment, even when I’ve had my feelings hurt

·      I’ve learned that one jar of peanut butter and a few symphony bars can make up for a lot of weekends without dates, a few bad Friday the 13ths, and several tryouts where I didn’t get called back.

·      I’ve learned how to make dinner for 5 stretch a long way when 4 or more boys call looking for food on Sunday night


I love it at this school more than I can express. Sometimes it’s easy to get blue about certain things, but I am so proud of myself for the ways I’ve grown in the last year. I am at the end of my first semester of college. I haven’t had any real problems with homesickness, or feelings that I couldn’t handle living on my own so far away from home. I'm on my way to becoming someone who can help disabled kids, and make a difference in the lives of families. I set a goal and, as scary as it is, have started walking down the road to achieving it. I'm pretty proud of myself =]


That’s really all for now, I guess.