Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Greetings from Iceburg

Sorry I haven't updated it a while :/ Things are going really well here! I'm still loving it, despite the freezing wind and -18 degree weather. Every tuesday there is a devotional given and a few weeks ago it was given by elder D. Todd Christofferson. That was pretty amazing. Let's see, what else...? I realize that I am not as smart as I have always thought I was? Haha no, but college just takes a lot more effort than high school did. I've always heard that, but nothing you do can really prepare you for it. I have been doing really good with staying caught up- even ahead if you can even believe it!!- until this last weekend. I went on a date-like outing last thursday and got food poisoning and for the whole rest of the weekend...didn't do anything. Because I know you're wondering, the date-ish thing was fun, but now I'm pretty behind in my math class. I think after this week, though, I'll be alright. Getting behind is the worst feeling in the world, especially with mid-terms coming up. But I think I'll be safe just as long as I don't go on any more dates- I've been on two here in Rexburg (one this last summer and the other last week) and both times I've gotten food poisoning. So the obvious conclusion would be to stop going on dates, right? Right. Most of you will be surprised, I think, to hear that I am just fine with the fact that I'm not dating (and by that I mean going on dates) but really, I'm fine with it. I'm still trying to figure out how anyone does anything but homework down here! I think i've almost got the knack of it! Once I get caught up I'm pretty sure I'll be fine :) The best part of my day is walking to class because every other boy I pass is GORGEOUS! Half of them are probably married, but its still fun to look :) A boy in my BOM class today asked me if I had a missionary. I laughed and told him that I didn't and then realized how HAPPY I am that i don't!!!  My motto right now is the girls' camp song. You know the one... "There's too many guys to chose a single one..." :) Pretty soon it will probably be the "I need a man" one, but for now I'm just happy happy happy. I still think I have the best roommates in the whole college :) we all get along so well and just love each other and have fun and...i am happy with them. It's such an amazing blessing to know that we get along and never have contention in our apartment- I love it :) I love starting out every class with a prayer too! I think it's amazing :)

ALSO, guess who is an aunt!!??!?!? I know most of you will know this already, but I am SO excited about it! Alexis Marie Maus was born last sunday morning and, for the first time since the night mom and phil left, I am terribly homesick :( I want to see her and hold her SO BAD! Her picture is the background on my phone though, and I think on monday I showed her picture to every person I saw on the way to every class, regardless of whether or not I knew them :) I also made them tell me how beautiful she is, because I think she's the most beautiful baby in the world. I can't wait to see her!

So really that's all that's going on! I miss everyone from home and can't wait to see you when I get the chance to come home!