Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christian the Lion

This is the most awesome thing I've ever seen!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July (my first blog-precious)

This 4th of July was  LOT of fun! Probably the best yet! The whole family rented a cabin up on the Pend Orielle river and just had a blast. There was a floating trampoline to play on and we brought our jetskis, but one wasn't running, so we used the working one to pull each other around on the tube. The current in the river was REALLY swift, so we couldn't get out and swim, but Me, Madi, Hillary, Angie, and Austin would float two docks down (the neighbors were very nice at that cabin) and get out at that dock. Once we walked down the road looking for a cabin that would let us use their dock (up river of ours) to jump off and float down. We didn't see anyone outside, so we walked 1/2 way into someone's back yard, then made a beeline for their dock!  We ran the whole way and dove off, and their dogs started following us! We did that a couple times but it was never as fun as that first time. 
The night of the 3rd/morning of the 4th there was a HUGE thunder/lightning storm! All of the girl cousins were sleeping in a tent-trailer in the front yard, so I think we heard it the loudest. I'm trying to think of an adequate description for the thunder-loudest i've ever heard doesn't quite do it justice. Think of someone firing a cannon-right by your ear. Erin and I unzipped our window to watch the lightning, and at about 4 in the morning Chris came and told us to join the family. So we ran through the  P O U R I N G  rain to the porch where the whole family was and we all watched it together. 
Now for the fireworks! We probably had...5 or 6 hundred dollars worth of fireworks? Maybe? We had a lot of fun lighting the littler ones (flowers, airplanes, bottle rockets, roman candles) into the water. And then Mark and Wayne lit off the BIG ones and they were SO much fun to watch, because we were RIGHT underneath them! We had SO many! One of them backfired (or something) ad split the 2-by-6 we were lighting them off in half. 
So those are the highlights! It was such a fun reunion! I love being with my family and can't wat to see them again!