Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a story

Once upon a time, probably somewhere around last thursday, five-ish of the kids from my preschool class were the only ones outside during outdoor play (we usually share the playground with two other classes). 
During this time, I pretended to be a pirate and let them chase me.

In hindsight, this was a mistake.

Today, I went outside again and was immediately assaulted by the same kids from my class. 
But, being preschoolers, about a go-jillion (it's a word, my dad and I use it all the time) kids from the other classes followed suit, started screaming like a herd of feral banshees, and chased me around for approximately seventeen hours while I ran away screaming about how I don't want to go to jail because they don't have...
Whatever, don't judge me.

I would occasionally let them catch me and put me in jail, only to escape a few seconds later.
Followed by banshees screaming,
 "Teacher! Teacher! I'm going to get you!" 
"No pirates here!"
"I'm a pirate too! Get me!"
"Teacher wait, I'm on your side!"
"Get her! Get the pirate!"
"There are lots of popsicles in jail!"

Oh, also, at one point, there were about a hundred thousand of these "police officers" dragging escorting me back to jail, when all of a sudden I feel one little hand up the back of my shirt and I have to find an appropriate way to say,
"Um...let's keep our hands out of teacher's shirt..."

Happy valentine's day :)

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